26 years ago, the Kingdom of Alexandria discovered the secret of Ragna and used it to power a new revolutionary age of technology. But with great power came great arrogance and greed. The King of Alexandria believed he had been appointed by God to rule over the planet and he declared war on the neighbouring kingdom of Ninjon. The war was bloody and lasted for 5 years but came to a sudden end when the King’s beloved wife suddenly fell fatally ill.

After the Queen died, the King became withdrawn, losing his desire to rule and the Kingdom fell to chaos. Against his wishes, he remarried on advice from his council to appease the people, but the King rarely left his chamber. Not long after, the King too passed away… some say, from a broken heart.

The new Queen of Alexandria vowed to do her best for her people, and swore to take care of Alexandria’s only heir, Princess Ashanna, until she came of age. The new Queen repaired relations with Ninjon, and focused on the development of Ragna with the goal of improving the lives for the people of Alexandria. The Kingdom flourished.

However, all is not well in the Kingdom of Alexandria. As the Princess nears her 18th birthday, rumours on the streets speak of a coming civil war. A divide has split the kingdom into those who want the Queen to remain in power, and those who remain loyal to the true Alexandria bloodline… and the dispute is starting to get violent.

Meanwhile, in the quiet kingdom of Ninjon, Kitano and his friend Rin return from the woods after doing their daily chores to find their village has been burned to the ground and all the residents killed in cold blood. Convinced it must be the Alexandrians, they set out on a quest to warn the Immortal Elders.

Along the way, they rescue a mysterious monk called Christina from some unknown soldiers. In return, Christina teaches Kitano and Rin the lost knowledge of how to harness Rune Stones and use Majick. They decide to team up and work together to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy.


The story of ‘Of Gods and Illusions’ is 20 years in the making. It started out as an RPG Maker XP project called ‘The Crystal Phoenix’ but before that, it was based on an Upper School project I had done where I designed and made a board game. My idea was to create a board game based on classic JRPG mechanics. When I created my first RPG, I took the story and characters from this board game and turned it into a video game. 

Honestly… it wasn’t great. The story was the ‘basic bitch’ equivalent of story telling, and the battle system was default RPG Maker. I left the game alone for a long time until I later got back into RPG Maker through the MV release. I developed the story and mechanics and attempted to recreate the game in RPG Maker MV, and then later Unity.

The most recent incarnation was re-titled ‘Of Gods and Illusions’ as it was more fitting to the story and to be honest… ‘The Crystal Phoenix’ had started to sound a little lame after so many years. Technically, The Crystal Phoenix is still in the game, but the story no longer revolves around it. However, all the characters and the world from Of Gods and Illusions still come from that original board game I made when I was 16.

I plan to use Ultimate Retro RPG to remake and release the game as a showcase of UR-RPG’s capabilities.

The game is a classic JRPG style game, complete with random battles, turn based combat and a long evolving story filled with twists, turns and colourful characters.

The battle system revolves around the use of Rune Stones. Rune Stones are used to give characters abilities and Majick spells, but each stone will effect relevant stats. This means that the player can use their favourite characters for whatever role they desire, and optimization comes from careful consideration of loadouts.

Each character in the game is blank slate, and Rune Stones are used for customization so the player can create their own ideal party. 

Of Gods and Illusions contains a tiny bit of crafting. Rune Stones and Majick are a lost knowledge in the game, meaning few can actually use them. It also means you can not purchase Rune Stones from shops and must craft them from items obtained through the game.

If funding for UR-RPG is successful and after it’s release, this will be Prime Pixel Games next project … which hopefully will help promote UR-RPG.

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