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This is Ultimate Retro RPG (Or UR-RPG for short). An is an all-in-one toolbox asset for the Unity game engine.

UR-RPG is made up of three core tools.

  1. The Database
  2. The Map Editor
  3. A Visual Script Editor for creating events.

With these 3 tools, users can create their dream classic Japanese-styled RPG without writing a single line of code and export to any platform supported by Unity!


The Datbase

The database is where you edit the data for your game.

In the database you can create playable characters, classes, abilities, skills, mobs, equipment, items and more.

It is also where you set the system settings for the game, such as controller layout and music for things like the title and game over screens as well as scenes such as battle, boss and shops.

In a future update post-release, we plan to add the ability for multi-language support, allowing you to easily localize your game. Other post release feature include adding additional options such as side-view battles, a Zelda-like battle system, day / night cycles and 8-way movement.

The Map Editor

The Map editor is where you being your world to life.

The map editor already includes some advanced features such as;

  • Auto tiles
  • Layers
  • Drawing tools (Single, Square, Circle, Fill and Eraser)

Also, while we can’t confirm this at the moment, we are hoping and working towards making unlimited map sizes possible. This will allow for vast open world games to be created.

To accommodate this, UR-RPG uses a 2D version of occlusion culling. Unlike other game makers that will load an entire map into memory, UR-RPG only draws what the camera can see as it is needed. Another feature we’re working on is unlimited tile sheets, allowing users to use multiple tile sets per map.

On top of all that, UR-RPG has a global setting for tile size, meaning you can use a wealth of assets already online even if they were designed for a different game maker. Regardless if the asset was designed for RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker MV or Game Maker Studio, UR-RPG will be able to use it.

The EVENT Editor

The crown jewel of Ultimate Retro RPG is it’s Visual Scripting editor.

This is not based on the new Unity Bolt feature, but has been built from the ground up specifically for UR-RPG.

From a starting node, you can select from a collection of 50+ nodes to execute common actions, such as giving the player money, starting a battle, moving a character and so on.

With this tool, users can create ‘Events’ which include cutscenes, NPC behaviour, quests and even unique gameplay mechanics with Global Events.

Also, due to the nature of Unity and C#, experienced scripters should be able to create their own nodes adding custom functionality.


Using Ultimate Retro RPG is extremely simple. You only require a copy of the Unity Engine which can be downloaded for free and the UR-RPG asset.

Just drop the files for Ultimate Retro RPG into a blank Unity project and it will automatically recompile your Unity editor. Once it has recompiled the UR-RPG menu item is added and from here you can load up the database, map editor and visual script editor.

Unlike other game makers, you are not limited to what platforms you can export your project to. Any platform supported by Unity will be supported by UR-RPG including PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS and even to a simple web browser using Unity’s WebGL support!


Ultimate Retro RPG started life as a side project while working on a prototype for another game. I required custom Unity windows and editor tools to streamline the development. After some research and playing around, I had the database and map editor and the project had started to become a complete suite of tools. I decided to turn these tools into a reusable asset and began work on the visual script editor.

But here is the catch… I started UR-RPG while in lockdown but since going back to work it has been impossible to find the time to work on the project. For this reason, I have started a Kickstarter to try and raise the funds needed for a year of development, so that I can get this out for release.

We’re looking to raise £20,000, which is much less than what I would earn from my job. What my Kickstarter backers will be paying for is the time required to get this project across the finish line. And we can’t get there without your help.

Kickstarter backers will have early access to the Discord server, development blog and this site’s forum. Any Supporter Tier or higher will also get free life-time updates for UR-RPG delivered directly to their inbox, as well as early access to early test builds during development. These backers will be able to have an active role in development and request features. If we get passed release, I hope we can build a constructive community around it, and Kickstarter backers will be the first through the door.

If… fingers crossed… we reach our goal, I aim to get the project finished within a year. If we surpass our goal, then all additional funding will go into paying people to speed up development time as well as paying artists and composers to create assets we can ship with UR-RPG.

If you want to get your hands on Ultimate Retro RPG, please consider backing our Kickstarter. Also, please share share the campaign on social media, or on any forums you use to help spread the word. The more eyes we get on the campaign the greater chance of success we’ll have. Thank you.